More than a call center, we help you maximize your reservation capacity to sell more products and generate more leads with personalized, one-on-one interaction.

Contact Center

In an aggressively competitive and changing market, only the best customer service and loyalty-based engagements will optimize the lifetime value of your seminar leads. An important piece of our integrated acquisition and retention strategy lies within our customer engagement centers. Our sales and service-focused customer engagement centers increase the likelihood of successful acquisitions and are all executed by passionate, trained sales and service professionals.

We handle live inbound and outbound calls, coordinated with your direct marketing campaigns to provide a full end-to-end acquisition and retention strategy.


Some of our customer engagement center offerings include:

  • Seminar appointment setting and RSVPs
  • Live outbound reminder calls
  • Record authorization to remind and call after event
  • Scope of appointments
  • Warm transfers to licensed agents

Our customer engagement center services are designed to fill seats with motivated leads at your seminar events, or drive sales-ready leads directly into your sales center. With more than 37 years of contact center experience, we have 8 U.S.–based engagement centers offering 24/7/365 capabilities in 11 languages, all CMS and HIPAA compliant.

Learn more about how our contact center’s services align with your overall direct marketing strategy to lower your acquisition costs while increasing seminar attendance.