Highly personalized and targeted direct marketing campaigns for a higher conversion rate.

Direct Marketing

Our personalized and targeted direct mail and email campaigns have one goal in mind – to drive a desired response.

How do we trigger a lead to respond?

  • Target the right leads with the right message utilizing data insights
  • Create larger and more interactive direct mail pieces to grab attention
  • Incentivize customers with gift cards (all managed and fulfilled by South Shore)
  • Create custom, one-of-a-kind messaging ensured with variable print technology
  • Targeted and personalized digital solutions, which include email and social platforms

Our experienced team can manage the entire direct marketing lead generation and/or retention process from start to finish.

Data-Driven Marketing
Pre-Mail Planning – We analyze demographics, population density and drive time to determine the ideal contact strategy. The results allow us to identify prospects most likely to attend a seminar, request a one-on-one meeting, enroll or request additional information.
Flexibility for Personalization and Scale
We offer in-house capability for personalized direct mail and network with a national partner (50 billion pieces annually) for larger runs at the lowest cost-per-lead/sale in the industry. Capacity is never an issue.
Break Through Mail Box Clutter
Compelling exterior messaging on the largest direct mail piece allowed, while still receiving standard bulk mail rates, grabs their attention.
In-house Creative Team to Manage Interactive Design and Content
Every marketing communication is fresh, informative and eye-catching, while at the same time, written and designed to address the needs of your target audiences.

Stop using expensive, static mass mailings and switch to affordable, eye-catching and targeted communications proven to lower your cost per acquisition and increase conversion rates. Contact us today to learn more.