Predictive intelligence personalizes your marketing efforts for the lowest cost per lead.

Data Analytics

Your members are very unique, each with a different set of emotional triggers that inspire action. Your acquisition and retention strategies should be just as unique. Knowing that the needs and desires of all eligible members are not alike, a method of dividing the leads into segments that are likely to be responsive to similar messages and offers can be a very powerful advantage.

South Shore works works with our team of Data Scientists dedicated to recognize patterns and behaviors in data to identify sales-ready leads and then predict which variable messaging will most likely resonate to specific persona clusters.



What does this mean for your business?

  • Lower cost per lead and less risk by attracting the right people with the right messages and incentives
  • More potential revenue by uncovering lifetime value and recognizing up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Save at-risk groups by recognizing and responding to changes in life stages before they affect your member relationship.


Our purpose –¬†Identify and analyze consumer behavior and maximize consumer opportunities across every channel.

A combination of data insights, direct marketing, contact center campaigns and reporting can lower member acquisition costs and increase member retention. Contact us today to learn how.